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Fall: Enjoy The Season Avoid The Action

7 Sep

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. The weather shifts from being scorching hot to being nice and temperate, the trees and bushes evolve into a variety of stunning colors, and the nights are crisp and cool – the perfect excuse for an outdoor fire. Oh, and best of all…it’s football season (Go Redskins!). Although the fall is a spectacular time of year, falling is anything but enjoyable. All too often senior citizens are plagued by injuries due to falls. Seniors can fall for a variety of reasons, but some are truly quite avoidable. We have attempted to uncover the reasons for these traumatic falls and how we can all stay safe “fall” season!

Around The house and neighborhood: Did you know that falls are the leading cause of accidental deaths in those 75 years and older? The majority of these falls take place within the home or within close proximity. Below are some ways in which you can improve your safety within your home:

1) Bathroom: The bathroom…it likes to play dirty. Your bathroom is full of obstacles that are entirely conducive to making you fall. We shall start with your tub/shower. Most bathroom floors are a solid white, which blend in with the foundation of your tub making it hard to see. Have a contractor color contrast these multiple surfaces to help you visually see the transitions better. The shower/tub dangers don’t stop there. Make sure to install strong grab handles and no-slip shower mats within your shower and tub. Also, if you can swing it, have a stand up shower installed to replace your tub to remove the dangerous height-factor that lies in traversing the ledge of a common bath tub.

2) The Kitchen: Little changes can go a long way here when it comes to making your kitchen as safe as possible. Make sure to put all food items and utensils in drawers and on shelves that are within a normal reach. Only use small step stools for leverage or explore other “reaching” aids that can be found through a variety of Keeping a clean kitchen is good for more than just your home aesthetics. Ensure that all spills are properly cleaned as to avoid slipping on any grease, water, or other common kitchen liquids.

3) Outdoors: Enjoying the cool and soothing fall weather is one of the highlights of the season, but traversing the outdoors poses many possible threats to senior safety. Make sure to try and always walk with a partner if possible. This person may be the key to getting you help and saving your life in case of an unfortunate fall. Try to learn your limits and how not to push past them. Although running or hiking may sound like fun, it is not worth rising your ongoing health to do so. There are many other senior friendly outdoor activities, which you can find here. Your outdoor gear is also an essential piece when it comes to ensuring senior safety. There is no substitue for appropriate shoes, walkers, canes, and emergency call devices.

4) The Stairs: The biggest obstacle in the home? Maybe. First, make sure light switches are installed at both the top and the bottom of the stairs to ensure adequate lighting when going up and down stairways. Ensure that all carpet is securely adhered to the stairs as to not move under your foot as you step. Have a contractor come inspect all railings and floorboards to see that everything is secure and in place. If you do not already, have said contractor install hand rails on both sides to provide maximum support.

Stay safe this autumn…and avoid the FALL🙂

It’s Kind of Hot Outside…

16 Jul

The other morning I woke up in my bed to a cool and comfortable temperature. My ceiling fan was on full speed, which chilled my bedroom to a perfect (for me) 70 degrees. I went about my morning routine…I brushed my teeth and then took a nice cool shower. I got dressed in a nice summer outfit complete with pastel shorts and a freshly pressed Polo shirt. I was clean, smelling good, and looking even better…then I stepped outside!

I immediately broke out into a “sweat”, which would be better described as a cascading waterfall of perspiration…but I digress. It made me realize…it’s hot out! A damp shirt and extra deodorant were the least of my worries that day as I needed to make sure I was taking care of my body with these extreme weather conditions. Here are some of my tips for you to help keep you cool and keep you safe from the sun and heat this summer.

1) Hydrate: I know you all have probably heard this over and over again, but drink up. About 60 percent of the human body is made up of water…THAT IS THE MAJORITY PEOPLE! Always make sure you have some type of liquid on hand and try to stay away from the sugar drinks. Invest in some high quality teas to make your own ice tea. The floral and spice notes of these teas will excite your taste buds in ways you never thought possible…and you may just lose that spare tire around your waist from cutting out all of the extra sugar. Water is also essential for the proper absorption of certain vitamins (water soluble), so do your body a favor and re-discover H20.

2) Sunglasses: Your eyes…beautiful they may be, but sensitive those little buggers are. Just like your skin, your eyes need protection from the sun’s potentially harmful UV rays. Excess exposure to UV rays may lead to medical complications such as cataracts, sunburn of the eyes, and other growths. Not to mention…wearing sunglasses reduces the amount that one squints during the day, which in turn reduces the amount of facial wrinkles around the eyes.

3) Sunblock: Just wear it…you know the drill.

4) Monitor Your Outdoor Activity: Do you know the different levels of air quality? For seniors, dangerous air quality levels occur a lot sooner and more often than those levels that have a negative impact on younger age groups. Please refer to this great breakdown of the Air Quality Index (AQI) via you fantastic government. CLICK HERE to learn more about the AQI!

5) Be COOL with your fashion: I don’t have to tell you to not wear a sweater in this heat…do I? It is still worth taking a look at your current summer wardrobe and re-evaluating your choices. Modern technology has allowed for apparel manufacturers to create moisture-wicking fabrics to absorb sweat and keep you cool. Companies like Under Armour, which is primarily an athletic wear company, now produce a full lineup of casual-everyday clothing choices with the same materials/technologies that go into their high performance athletic gear. Their stuff looks good too🙂

These are just a few of our own personal tips for you to try out this summer. Make sure to always consult your physician before engaging in anything that is designed to alter your physical self. Please feel free to share some of you own summer tips, recipes, and tricks to help us all be a little COOLER this year!

What’s The Beef? Red Meat…Eat The Good Stuff

23 Apr

We are all trying to find ways to improve our health from our diets to our physical activity. Would I be crazy to tell you that you no longer have to swear off red meat in order to stay healthy? I am going to give you the skinny on how to enjoy your meat and how to let your body enjoy it too.

1) Grass Fed vs Grain Fed:

If you have spent anytime in the world of nutrition in the past few years then you have most likely heard of grass fed beef. What does this really mean? Most cattle in the US are raised in feed plots, which provide cattle with a steady diet of cheap-corn based feed that quickly raises the weight of the cattle. In this case…more weight = more fat marbling, which equals more flavor and a higher grade of meat. It also means that this type of meat is not the highest on the “good for you” nutrition scale.

Grass fed cattle are a little different story. These cows graze in open pastures all day on a steady diet of grass, which results in a couple of things. These cows are overall a healthier type of cattle with more health benefits. Each cut of meat will tend to be less fatty as the cows are moving around the pastures all day. This type of meat will generally be darker in color and will provide a more nutty and earthy flavor in comparison to grain fed cattle. Grass fed meat has also been show to have higher levels of heart healthy fats like Omega-3’s, but I wouldn’t rely on it as your main source.

“If you eat a typical amount of beef per year,” Robinson points out in Pasture Perfect, a book about the benefits of pasture-raised animals, “which in the United States is about 67 pounds, switching to grass-fed beef will save you 16,642 calories a year.”

2) Organic Beef vs Non-Organic Beef:

It is important to note here that Organic Beef does not mean that the delicious piece of succulent steak you are currently enjoying is grass fed beef. Organic meats are known for having a much better nutrition profile than it’s non-organic counterparts. These include:

–No Added Hormones or Antibiotics: Hormones that are added to cattle feed to make them bigger and “more desirable” have been associated with early onset puberty in young ones and some types of cancers. The addition of antibiotics has been associated with some types of bacteria resistance…even the good bacteria that helps with overall digestive health.

–Organic Beef is Traditionally Less Fatty: Since most organic cattle is raised on healthier diet, where the goal isn’t to try and fatten up the cattle as quick as possible, these cows tend to be leaner and therefore many cuts are healthy compared to their non-organic relatives. THIS IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE, so make sure to turn to grass fed and free range cattle for the leanest cuts of meat. Most organic cattle has a different taste than traditional meats that you would find in your typical supermarket, which I personally think is much more clean and pure.

–Less…bad stuff: The overall health benefits of organic meats can be very beneficial to the human diet. Just like a human that eats a clean diet, a cow that consumes a healthy array of foods will contain less toxins and therefore will be or more benefit to our daily diets.

3) What Cuts Make The Cut?

So, you are ready to eat some meat? First, let’s use some of that hard earned money to buy some quality food. Seek out a local butcher or venture to your nearest natural grocer to ensure you are getting a quality product and served by somebody that knows their stuff! Our leanest cuts of meat are going to be our eye of round, top round, sirloin (top), bottom round, sirloin side steaks. Ask your butcher what the freshest selections of the day are as well…fresher is better! Put their knife skills to the test and have them trim all excess fat off of your day’s selections. Try marinating your meats to make them more tender and to give them that extra bit of decadence.

Happy Grilling!

Check out these links below to find some fantastic beef recipes for you to try this summer:



RSS: Relocation Stress Syndrome

9 Apr

RSS…the acronym with many meanings. Rich Site Syndication…this is just a fancy way of subscribing to your favorite website or blog to automatically receive email updates, which we have by the way! That is not our focus today…instead we will be looking at the complexities of what is known as Relocation Stress Syndrome:

Relocation Stress Syndrome (RSS) is technically defined as “the physiologic and psychosocial disturbances that result from transfer from one environment to another”. RSS has been described as having a similar intensity to that of divorce or death in the family.

How can you tell?

The most common symptoms of RSS include depression, anger, dependency, confusion, and anxiety. Changes in eating and sleeping habits can also be physical signs of RSS.

How can you help?

This is where your senior move manager can be most effective. RSS is best treated by taking preventative measures. Let the pro’s (TAD..hint hint) do what they do best:

1) Involve the senior in the decision making process (where appropriate) from the beginning.

2) Let the senior take an interactive role (where appropriate) in setting up the new living area.

3) Make the new space look/resemble their previous living arrangement…let TAD showcase their superb design skills.

4) Provide support through the transition to help the senior become acclimated, especially within the first few weeks/months.

5) ALWAYS create an open venue for communication. Ensure that the senior is able to ask questions and voice concerns at all times.

Moving and transitioning can be difficult for anyone at any age, which is only often more difficult as we get older. Let move managers like Transitional Assistance and Design remove the stress from your move and turn it into an enjoyable experience for everyone!

Tax Season: Let’s Make It Fun?

8 Apr

Okay, we are not here to give you boring old tax advice…as useful as that can be. Let the professionals do your taxes…let us tell you something fun about them.

1) The first income tax can be traced by to England in 1404.

2) 21% of paper returns have errors, 0.5% of e-file returns have errors…what’s the moral of the story here?

3) By 1990 everybody in the US could file their taxes electronically.

4) There are at least 480 tax forms. The “easiest” of which has 33 pages all in fine print🙂

5) Taxes consume approximately 38% of a family’s income, which is often more than food, clothing, and shelter…COMBINED!

6) In 1952 Joseph Nuna was arrested for tax evasion. Funny why? He was the commissioner of the IRS at the time.

7) There are a lot of cops in this country right? Try twice as many tax preparation “specialists”.

8) So, you think you are efficient huh? Try the IRS…for every $100 collected, it costs them only thirty-nine cents.

9) Who said snail mail was dead? Not the IRS! Every year the IRS mails eight billion pages in instructions and forms.

10) New York City has the highest corporate income tax in the world, which is even higher than Japan, China, France, Germany, and Greece. Sorry NYC…better save up!

Time To Get Outside: What To Do?

25 Mar

The warm weather is here…and we love it. It is time to shake the spider-webs off of your shorts and sandals and get outside. Just in case you forgot all of the things you could out there, we made you a nice list. Enjoy!

1) Have a Picnic: Grab that basket and some of your favorite munchies and head out somewhere new this year. Hike up a trail, ride a bike, take a walk to a new spot and enjoy some rays, good food, and good company. Try packing your picnic basket with some exciting food choices like fancy cheeses, ceviches, summer salads, and more. Check out some great picnic recipes HERE!

2) Start a New Hobby: Find that something that you always wanted to do and JUST DO IT! How about you restore a classic car, plant a new garden, take up landscaping, fishing, or anything else outside. You may be able to find an idea or two in HERE

3) Pick Up a Sport: Exercise is good for you and meeting a few new people couldn’t hurt either. The warm weather opens up a TON of new options to get outside and get active. Try joining a softball team, tennis club, golf club, or even a pickleball league (click to see our preivous article on this sport). There are many associations and organizations that are designed to help seniors get outside and get sporting…linke the Florida Senior Sports Association.

4) Volunteer: Giving back always feels good, so let’s take it outside! There are LOADS of different opportunities to volunteer outside. Organizations like the VOC are looking for people to rebuild trails, maintain parks, and even restore historic structures. Habitat for Humanity has been around for quite some time now and is the perfect opportunity to get outside and help a family who desperately needs a new home.

5) Relax: It sounds too simple right? Most of us don’t even know what this word really means. Take some time to truly check out and rest your body and mind. Go find a new and unique place that only you know about…a random lake, a private beach, a scenic overlook. Try to lay outside (without falling asleep) and focus on your breathing. You will be surprised at hoe difficult it is to prevent your mind from wandering. Try to reinforce this type of self care with some outdoor yoga or Tai Chi in your local park.

Get Your Game On: It’s Not Just For Teenagers Anymore

1 Mar

Remember that video game that your grandchild just had to have last year for his/her birthday? Well, guess what? Many of these same video games have been shown to increase memory and mental sharpness in aging seniors! So, go harness your inner child and pick up the latest and greatest intricate video games to keep your mind on it’s game.

It has been no mystery as of late that more and more video games have been coming out specifically designed to improve cognitive abilities in senior citizens. Memory games like Bejeweled, Peggle, and Brain Age have been very successful in reaching their target audience. These games test multiple aspects of the mind including memory, recall, sharpness, and more. What about those games that seem to be “rotting away” the world’s youth. Games like World of Warcraft, Wii Sports, and many first-person driving games have all been shown to improve mental acuity. Check out more about the World of Warcraft study in this great article from CBS News.

What is the common denominator in these games? Strategy. The intensive planning, strategizing, and calculation of these games provides a true test for the mind, while still keeping the “fun” factor high by using extraordinary motion graphics, animation, and interactivity. Sports centered games, like those found on Nintendo’s Wii, can also provide exercise benefits as well. So, on that next rainy day you should have no excuse! Pick up a new video game and beat your boredom while doing something good for your mind and body!


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